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Law enforcement, however, constitutes only part of policing activity. [2] Policing has included an array of activities in different situations, but the predominant ones are concerned with the preservation of order. [3] In some societies, in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, these developed within the context of maintaining the class system and the protection of private property. [4] Many police forces suffer from police corruption to a greater or lesser degree. The police force is usually a public sector service, meaning they are paid through taxes.

Alternative names for police force include constabulary , gendarmerie , police department, police service, crime prevention , protective services, law enforcement agency , civil guard or civic guard. Members may be referred to as police officers , troopers , sheriffs , constables , rangers , peace officers or civic/civil guards. The word police is most universal and can be seen in many non-English speaking countries. [5]

As police are often interacting with individuals, slang terms are numerous. Many slang terms for police officers are decades or centuries old with lost etymology. One of the oldest, "cop", has largely lost its slang connotations and become a common colloquial term used both by the public and police officers to refer to their profession. [6]

Trump said the designation would trigger “further sanctions and penalties” and that it “supports our maximum pressure campaign to isolate the murderous regime.”

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The assault occurred near James Street, Morphett Vale about 10pm on Saturday 11 November.The male suspect is described as of Caucasian appearance, about 175 cm tall, weighing about 60 kg, with a slim build and short blonde hair. He was wearing a dark t-shirt and black jeans.Anyone with information that may assist the investigation is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or online at

WESTPORT— A town resident was charged after threatening to shoot his landlord who initiated an eviction process against him, police said. Around 11 p.m. Oct. 28, officers were dispatched to a Weston Road address on a report that a tenant, Jamie Green, was upset. The victim told police Green had threatened to shoot him and had frightened other people in the house. Green, 43, was charged with second-degree threatening and disorderly conduct. He was released after posting a $1,000 bond and is scheduled to appear in Norwalk Court Nov. 8.

Col Hugh Toye, was a British intelligence officer, who led one of the largest man hunts ever to capture this freedom fighter. He later wrote a book The Springing Tiger, on the man hunt, where he expressed admiration for his quarry. Who was it?

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Deputy mayor for policing and crime authorises Metropolitan police to settle claim over death of London man in G20 protestsThe Metropolitan police are close to making an offer of compensation to the family of Ian Tomlinson, who died after being pushed to the ground by a riot officer during the G20 protests in London in April 2009.The deputy mayor for policing and crime in London, Stephen Greenhalgh, has authorised the Met to settle the claim. It is thought an announcement could be made within the next few days. Continue reading.

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On July 17, 2014 Eric Garner died at the hands of a police officer on a Staten Island sidewalk, launching a frenzy of media coverage and questions over police brutality, the criminal justice system and America's ongoing struggle with race. Years later, the media attention is gone and the questions remain. In his new book, I Can't Breathe: A Killing on Bay Street, journalist Matt Taibbi explores the life and death of Eric Garner and examines what his story can teach us about the realities of policing, race and justice in America.

Location: Bay of Plenty Please attribute to Constable John Fredericksen: Police are continuing to search for Rotorua missing man Nigel Peterson who has not been seen since around 3pm on Friday 17 November. Today Police, LandSAR volunteers from Tauranga and Rotorua, and family and friends of Nigel, have been carrying out a section by section search in the Glenholme area. The search will end around 4:30pm today and resume again tomorrow morning.